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Philip Orr

Established in 1998, Orrganized Sound is the sheet music ‘orrgan’ (sorry) of Philip Orr, Musician. These diverse works stem from a varied career as a multi-instrumental performer and conductor/leader in liturgical, concert, theater/cabaret and casual settings of vocal, choral, and instrumental genres, both classical and popular. The recipient of several ASCAPlus Writers Awards as well as a New Jersey State Council for the Arts fellowship, ‘we’ publish as ‘we’ are able while holding positions in academia & ecclesia, and freelance performing & composing. Discover more at philiporrmusician.com

Member:  ASCAP, American Society of Authors and Publishers MPA, Music Publishers Association of the United States

Orders & Returns

All titles are available in both print and digital formats, soon to be supplied expertly by J. W. Pepper & Son. Every part of purchasing, processing, service and returns will be handled through the Pepper website.

Permissions & Licensing

These works are copyrighted personal creations. As with any item of personal property— car, crayons, curlers, coffee cup—asking permission before using it is the decent, civilized thing to do.
  • Photocopying, scanning, arranging, recording, performing, printing, filming—submit a Permission/Licensing Request
  • Wrapping fish? Lining a bird cage? No special permission necessary after initial purchase